My New Business: Why I Created Thrive Money

As you might have seen on social media, I have been openly sharing the journey of creating and building my new business – Thrive Money. Understandably, as a creator who predominantly focuses on travel, hiking and wellbeing, I have had a lot of questions about my motivation and reasoning behind setting up a finance company. The way I see it, everything is interconnected – let me explain.

Why finance?

Everyone is talking about managing stress, but nobody is talking about how money impacts this. I truly believe that financial wellbeing is one of the most underserved aspects of our health, one which can have huge impacts on our daily lives. There are a plethora of negative emotions often tied to money, whether that’s guilt, shame, fear or overwhelm. Financial struggles, confusion and stress have knock on effects on mental health, relationships and physical health. None of this is helped by the huge stigma around money struggles, the lack of open financial conversations and the fact you can feel isolated in any challenges you are facing. 

In the UK:

  • Money continues to be reported as the top concern for the majority¬†of the population, year after year.
  • 9 million people are in serious debt.
  • 20 million¬†adults don’t feel confident managing their money.
  • 22 million people report not knowing enough about money to be able to plan for their retirement.

This is why I am passionate about financial education. Making sense of your money allows you to find feelings of clarity and autonomy, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep and giving you the headspace (and resources) to focus on other aspects of your wellbeing – whether that’s eating nourishing food, fuelling your body or giving time to those you love. The long and short of it is, it’s all well and good doing squats and drinking smoothies, but if you’re tossing and turning at night thinking about money then you need to consider your financial wellbeing too. 

Is Thrive Money only for women?

Thrive Money is for everyone, regardless of gender. However I am extremely passionate about making financial education accessible and non-intimidating for women. It is undeniable that there is a huge financial discrepancy between men and women.

Compared to men, an average woman will:

  • Earn 15% less income. 
  • Have 33% less savings.
  • Have invested 51% less money.
  • Have a pension pot that is 56% smaller.

These are hugely important issues, especially as women statistically live longer than men so they need to have more money saved up for their future. The reality is, many studies have shown that women are incredible investors and great at money management if they’re given the educational tools and information they need. I hope that Thrive Money can provide that.

How did it all begin?

Lets throw back to 2019, my first ever post about money was on March 2nd. I discussed the gender pay gap, wealth gap and savings gap. The response was huge so I teamed up with First Wealth to continue opening up the conversation. We took the knowledge of their financial experts and worked together to make it accessible to my community, breaking it down into practical tips, tricks and insights. I shared an abundance of social media content on the topic, hosted in person events in 2019 and then shifted to online webinars as we went into 2020 and the pandemic hit.  It was incredible to see how giving individuals this knowledge was helping them to feel empowered to take positive steps towards securing their financial future – so I got my thinking cap on, how could I reach more people with this valuable information?

That’s when the idea of Thrive Money came to me. A platform aimed at breaking down barriers to evidence based financial education through courses, webinars, events and social media content. I brain dumped all my ideas into a document and gave Rob, the co-founder of First Wealth, a call to discuss my thoughts. Luckily he loved them, believed in my crazy ambitions and that was day one of building Thrive. We threw ourselves in head first. Between then and now there’s been almost a year of countless meetings, zoom calls, google docs and spreadsheets. We have built an incredible team of passionate experts, hosted multiple events and are on our way to launching our cornerstone course – The Finance Fundamentals. My little idea has come a long way!

What exactly is Thrive Money?

In a nutshell, it is a financial education platform sharing evidence based financial knowledge and tools, provided by experts. A platform which avoids jargon and complicated concepts, instead breaking them down into practical, digestible and accessible nuggets which you can apply to your own life. There are multiple elements to Thrive Money, including:

  • Free online social media content, providing tips and tricks from our experts.
  • Online webinars and in person events, based around money matters such as mortgages and investing.
  • Digital courses which use videos, interactive tools, worksheets and a private community to share with you all the financial skills you weren’t taught at school. 

Whether its budgeting, debt, saving or investing – Thrive Money provides expert knowledge on a huge range of subjects. Our first course The Finance Fundamentals is set to launch in late 2022, covering all the essentials you need to know to truly make sense of your money and start working towards a stable and secure financial future. To stay up to date with our latest updates, events and free resources, you can sign up to our newsletter here

Zanna x